Optimization of Wind Engine Speed

  • (1)  Urishev Utkir Gulyamovich            Department of General Engineering, Andijan machine-building institute  

  • (2)  G’anijonov Muxammad Aziz G’ayratjon o’g’li            Department of General Engineering, Andijan machine-building institute  

  • (3)  Jumaboyev Sarvarbek Sa’dulla o’g’li            Department of General Engineering, Andijan machine-building institute  

    (*) Corresponding Author


Wind unit, rotor, angular rotation, angular velocity, power, optimal values, number of wings, wind speed


In this article, the characteristic of the angular velocity of the rotor of a wind unit with a vertical axis of rotation is studied. The optimal values of the angular velocity at which the generated power of the rotor takes the maximum value are determined.


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Gulyamovich, U. U. ., G’ayratjon o’g’li, G. M. A. ., & Sa’dulla o’g’li, J. S. . (2022). Optimization of Wind Engine Speed. Middle European Scientific Bulletin, 30, 106-111. Retrieved from https://cejsr.academicjournal.io/index.php/journal/article/view/1594




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