About the Journal

Middle European Scientific Bulletin is a double-blind peer-reviewed, monthly e-journal from the Czech Republic with a strong Editorial Board and a tested rapid peer review system.  

Middle European Scientific Bulletin is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original, innovative and novel works in different areas of study. Middle European Scientific Bulletin encourages quality papers by researchers while making possible steps for further investigations as a whole.

Middle European Scientific Bulletin is this quest for quality is reflected in the structure of the journal’s editorial board as well as the strong network of reviewers, which allows the peer-review process to be rigorous and constructive, helping to advance research work.

In the same line journal invites authors to submit:
original empirical papers in the case of  investigation  on specific questions using qualitative or quantitative techniques; conceptual framework and analytical and simulation models and outlining further research; epitomes and didactic articles on a specific issue of practical importance; case studies, empirical research, technical notes with SWOT analyses, PACE comparisons and other methods of analyses; review articles over the perspectives summarizing and evaluating the stock of theoretical and applied knowledge;

Middle European Scientific Bulletin is an open access international journal covering the various areas of the science and analyses of scientific research. It is journal policy to publish work deemed by peer reviewers to be a coherent and sound addition to scientific knowledge and to put less emphasis on interest levels, provided that the research constitutes a useful contribution to the field. The journal publishes articles in the fields of all areas of investigation such as:

Section of the journal

Middle European Scientific Bulletin  publishes the following types of articles

  1. Brief communication
  2. Research
  3. Case study
  4. Training materials
  5. Essay
  6. Review

Publication and peer-review process: All manuscripts are reviewed by the Editorial Board and qualified reviewers. Decisions will be made as rapidly as possible, and the journal strives to return reviewers’ comments to authors within 7 workdays.

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