The Essence of Physical and Chemical Methods of Analysis

  • (1)  Olimova M. K.            Tashkent State Technical University of Kokand branch  

  • (2)  Asqarov A.            Tashkent State Technical University of Kokand branch  

  • (3)  Obidov A.            Student 2-19 МYМТ, Tashkent State Technical University of Kokand branch  

    (*) Corresponding Author



Physicochemical analysis, method, agrochemistry, photometry, potentiometry, chromatography, composition, property, luminescence analysis, spectral analysis, nephelometry, turbidimetry, titrimetric analysis, flow-injection analysis


This article is devoted to physicochemical methods (PhCMA) analysis, based on the dependence of the physical properties of a substance on its nature, and the analytical signal is the value of the physical property, functionally related to the concentration or mass of the determined component.


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