Welfare Schemes for Tribes in West Bengal (2011-2020)

  • (1)  Hriday Dalal            Ph.D. Research Scholar, Department of Political Science, The University of Burdwan  

    (*) Corresponding Author


Tribe, Welfare scheme, governmental initiatives, tribal status


India is a homeland of above seven hundred tribes, they share 6 percent total population. West Bengal is one of the states among 29 states in India. As per the official website provided by the government of West Bengal there are forty tribal communities are living in the states and their populations are above fifty lakhs. New government came in power in 2011, started various welfare and socio-economic development scheme for tribes living in West Bengal. Most of the tribes started their development with the help of governmental initiatives. The primary objective of my paper is to find out welfare scheme taken by new regimes of government and conclude tribal development.


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