Leasing as a Factor of Economic Growth

  • (1)  Shazadayev Farkhad            Senior teacher, Tashkent branch of Samarkand state university of veterinary medicine, livestock and biotechnologies  

  • (2)  Sadikov Akbar            Master student, Tashkent branch of Samarkand state university of veterinary medicine, livestock and biotechnologies  

    (*) Corresponding Author


leasing activity, indicator, leased land, main income, financial support, financial services, financial resource, agricultural financing, invest


In the article, the importance of leasing in the development of the agricultural sector. Economic mechanisms that directly and indirectly affect the leasing activity are analyzed. Leasing services are considered as a factor that directly promotes economic growth, and stimulates the provision of basic means for the production, storage and initial processing of agricultural products. The main goal of the research is to reduce production costs by promoting leasing services, provide the agricultural sector with basic tools, and determine the role of leasing services in the growth of the economy. A number of indicators were used to determine the impact of leasing in the promotion of expanded repetitive production in the agricultural sector: capital productivity, resource supply, level of mechanization of production, etc. The high role of agriculture in the republic's economy, as well as the high volume of the agricultural sector in the GDP, indicate the importance of providing the sector with basic tools.


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