The Effect of Mineral Fertilizers on the Yield of a Leaf Turnip Plant

  • (1)  Rakhmatov Anvar Mamatovich            senior researcher, Research Institute of vegetables, melon crops and potato  

    (*) Corresponding Author


leaf turnip, mineral fertilizers, leaves, tubers, yield


This article provides information on the effect of mineral fertilizers of the "Darmon" variety of leaf turnip on the yield of a leaf turnip plant. A new variety of leaf turnips, which is considered promising based on the information. Since 2016, the state has been submitted to the nav test. In 2018, fixed agricultural crops were included in the state reserve with Certificate No. 003. The leaf of mineral fertilizers significantly affects the yield of the turnip plant. It was laid at the time of laying the soil before planting seeds in the ground 100% of potash and phosphorus fertilizers, which are tested taking into account the growing season. Nitrogen fertilizers, on the other hand, were given at the time when the plants fully sprouted and produced 2-3 true leaves. Mineral fertilizers also significantly affected the manifestation of important economic signs of leaf turnip.


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