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Finding the Shortest Route for Kosovo Cities Through Dijkstra's Algorithm

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Kosovo is a beautiful country with a strong cultural heritage which has a very rich nature. Kosovo is not only mountainous, but also has scenic views and other attractions of high cultural importance. Although a small country, Kosovo has many destinations to see and visit. Therefore, to visit these cities we try to choose the shortest route between these locations. But this is probably very difficult to do manually. For this reason, the purpose of this study is to find the shortest path between the two cities of the Republic of Kosovo through Dijkstra’s algorithm. The mentioned cities are in both ends of the country, where the starting point is the city of Gjakova and the destination is the city of Gjilan. Dijkstra's Algorithm basically starts at the node that you choose and it analyzes the graph to find the shortest path between that node and all the other nodes in the graph. The results of this study showed the importance of Dijkstra's Algorithm, where by measuring the road distance through Google Maps, we came to the conclusion in calculating the shortest route between these cities.


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