Conditions and Factors for Increasing Competitiveness

  • (1)  Nizomiddinov Jahonmirzo Zukhriddin oglu            Tashkent State Economic University, Faculty of Finance and Accounting, 3rd year student of group BR-54  

  • (2)  Burkhanov Aktam Usmanovich            Doctor of Economics, Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Finance and Accounting, Tashkent State Economic University  

    (*) Corresponding Author


competitor, enterprise competitiveness, pharmacy, competitiveness assessment, competitiveness analysis


At the present stage of economic development, an important issue is to maintain and increase the competitiveness of enterprises with similar activities and similar goods produced by these enterprises.The concept of competitiveness of an enterprise is the basis for the economic development of an enterprise, and strengthening its position in the sales market. However, there are certain difficulties associated with ways to increase the competitiveness of the enterprise.The increase in the intensity of competition in the industry dictates the need for enterprises in the regions to introduce effective business technologies.


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