Vol. 14 (2021): July 2021

Abu Nasr Faroobi's Views on Education

Orasta Azamovna Obidova
Kokand State Pedagogical Institute, Kokand, Uzbekistan

Published 2021-07-17


  • Al-Farabi,
  • ideal,
  • pedagogy,
  • view,
  • philosophy,
  • scientific achievement,
  • socio-philosophical thinking
  • ...More

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Among the thinkers of Central Asia, the bright star of his time, several scientific achievements of the Middle Ages, the development of advanced socio-philosophical thinking in the Near and Middle East are associated with the name of Abu Nasr Farabi. Al-Farabi wrote treatises in almost all the fields of science known in his time. In particular, Farabi gave a logical interpretation of the philosophical interpretation of education and upbringing from a specific religious, secular, philosophical point of view. This article analyzes Al-Farabi’s views on education and upbringing.


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